Ep 17: Enabling Communities and Marketplaces with Dave Lu, Co-Founder and President of Pared

🎙Today, we release a new episode with Dave Lu, Co-Founder of Pared and previously Fanpop 📈 💪. Dave co-founded restaurant labor marketplace: Pared. He was also previously founder and CEO of Fanpop, a destination website for fans of pop culture. Dave has also worked at some of the biggest names in consumer technology (Apple, eBay, Sony, Yahoo!). If you're interested in the transition from operator to start-up founder this is the episode for you!

Ep 16: Success through Failures with Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder and Partner at the Hustle Fund

Today, we release a new episode with Elizabeth Yin, co-Founder and Partner at the Hustle Fund 💪. Join us today to learn about Yin's entrepreneurial journey from starting her own company to helping other start-ups become successful at the Hustle Fund and as a previous partner @500Statups. Yin shares valuable stories on successes and failures in her own life and through her experiences mentoring and coaching dozens of start-ups. 

Ep 15: Culinary Entrepreneurship with Brandon Jew, Exec. Chef of Michelin Star-rated Mister Jiu's


Get hungry! 😋 We're super stoked to be kicking off Season 2 of Fish Sauce with Brandon Jew, Chef and Founder 👨‍🍳 of SF Michelin 🌟 restaurant, Mister Jiu's.

Join us to learn more about Brandon's ascent from a childhood spent in SF Chinatown markets to tours of culinary duty in renowned kitchens throughout Italy, China, and the States. Never before has our guest's "Secret Sauce" been so literal!

About the Guest


Brandon Jew is the Executive Chef and Founder of Mister Jiu’s, a Michelin-rated restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

A second-generation Chinese-American and native San Franciscan, Brandon started working in kitchens while studying Biology in college. After graduation, Brandon skipped the Soy Sauce for an apprenticeship in the kitchens of Emilia-Romagna, an Italian region famous for its culinary history.

After years honing his craft in California’s finest kitchens and a second apprenticeship in Beijing, Brandon set out to create a restaurant authentic to him.

Since April 2016, Mr. Jiu’s has been defying diners’ expectations of Chinese-American cuisine while revitalizing one of Chinatown's cultural institutions.

This Episode's Family Value: Order Family Style

We define ourselves by our mission; inspiring others to discover their Secret Sauce and take a leap of faith from traditional career paths by sharing the stories of successful Asian-American entrepreneurs, investors and operators. 

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Mister Jiu's

28 Waverly Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108

The Connection

Our good buddy Brian Ko is an investor in Mister Jiu’s.  After hearing about the Fish Sauce mission, Brian encouraged us to share Brandon's story through our platform, and put us in touch.

In addition to working with Wilson at Square,  Brian is a long-time friend of Wilson’s brother.

Brian’s definitely eating (Kyi) Family Style!


Ep 14: Inspiring VR Dreams with Maureen Fan, CEO and Co-Founder of Baobab Studios

Part 3 of 3 of our summer Female Founder series 👩‍💼 with our Maureen Fan, CEO and Co-Founder of Baobab, the "Pixar of VR." 🎥

For all her life, Maureen has always bucked the trends. 🌊 Starting at a young age, she wanted to pursue a career in design and animations, but had to overcome societal and practical expectations. After finally interning at Pixar during her time at HBS, she decided to dive into gaming 👾 at Zynga, and climbed from a product manager to a VP of games managing $200M. After experiencing the potential and immersive experience of VR, 🕶 she decided to take the leap of faith with Baobab.

As an Asian female in the workplace, she's learned to "always be asking," 🙋 which is the opposite of her cultural and gender values. Over time, the only way to improve the workplace is to educate men on the "unconscious bias," instead of just having conversations with females. Whether you're an Asian female, this episode will help anyone who's involved in a diverse team by learning our biases and build a more productive team culture. 🤝

Ep 13: Empowering thru Employment with Tenzin Seldon, CEO and Co-Founder of Kinstep

Part 2 of 3 of our summer Female Founders Series. Tenzin Seldon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kinstep and also dubbed Dalai Lama's 🙏 right hand woman. Kinstep is a platform matching immigrants with employment directly in the local community.

Tenzin is a Tibetan warrior, 🛡 constantly battling the challenges that immigrants face everyday. Her personal challenges of understanding and being comfortable with her identity has been a long time coming. She wrote her thesis on this topic as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. Like many of us, she cannot be described by just one culture, but an almalgamation of experirences around the world. Listen in as she shares her exraordinary upbringing, and her thoughts on humanity and society's future. 🌏

Ep 12: Startup "Moonlighting" 🌛 with Bebe Chueh, Co-Founder of Atrium

Part 1 of 3 of our summer Female Founders Series. Bebe Chueh is the Co-Founder of Atrium. She built her legal chops as the CMO of LegalZoom, after she sold her company to them. She admits that she started her career as a lawyer because of her parents, but shortly after she kept "raising" her dad by leaning towards entrepreneurship until she finally leaped. She has since adopted the idea of "moonlighting" as a method to manage her entrepreneurial risks.

Ep 11: The Dessert (Season 1 Finale)

🎙 In our Season 1 finale "The Dessert" 🍨, we turn the tables around and we answer "What is your secret sauce?" a question we usually ask our guests! Listen to this special episode to hear all the saucey secrets 🙊 you've been waiting for from our favorite episodes to our process, questions we wish we asked, and Season 2 sneaky peaky! We can't say this enough, but we're so grateful for all support from our Fish Sauce Family, and we have a good feeling you'll get a chuckle or two from this no holds barred, delicious season finale! 😋

Ep 10: Builder or Seller with Gokul Rajaram, Product Engeering Lead at Square

Part 3 of 3 of our Veteran Operators Series. Gokul Rajaram is dubbed the "Godfather of Adsense" from Google, Facebook, and most recently he's the Product Engineering Lead at Square. He shares his perspective as a product person, founder, and angel investor. Finally, he closes Season 1 of Fish Sauce's guest by encouraging us to raise our hand for more responsibilities to get a seat in the C-Suite.

Ep 09: Breaking into BizOps with Dan Yoo, COO of NerdWallet

Part 2 of 3 of our Veteran Operators Series. Dan Yoo, COO of NerdWallet, not only survives the tech bubble bubble, but he also builds a 120-person BizOps team at Linkedin. Dan establishes his definition of BizOps, a role that has been a linchpin to the top tech companies. If you're interested in this role, don't miss this one!

Ep 07: Operator or Investor with Kyle Lui, Principal at DCM Ventures

Joining us from the other side of the table is Kyle Lui, principal at DCM Ventures. He began his career in investing, then started Choicepass at HBS, and led it to acquisition by Salesforce. Now, he's back as a venture capitalist, and breaks down the difference between an operator vs. an investor, all under a quickfire round!

Ep 06: Adaptation and Acquisition with Jason Wang, Co-Founder & CEO of Caviar

The journey begins with surprising his parents by quitting the Google dream to convincing a few friends to join Y-Combinator to cofound Caviar. Ultimately, Jason Wang reveals the behind-the-scenes conversations during the acquisition by Square. As a bonus, find out what's his favorite secret sauce sauce!

Ep 04: Bridging Cultures with Andrew and Bin, Co-Founders of Boba Guys

Grab yourself some boba, while you listened to Boba Guys' mission to bridge cultures and disrupt the boba industry! Did you know that it took 3 years before Andrew and Bin decided to quit their corporate jobs and finally went all-in? They share their early stories, including their parents reaction. Lastly, they give us a sneak peak at their expansion strategy and their 20 year vision of Boba Guys!

Ep 02: Growing Pains with Tim Sae Koo, CEO & Co-Founder of TINT

Listen to our first guest episode with TINT CEO and Co-Founder Tim Sae Koo! In this episode, hear about Tim's first entrepreneurial journey at USC and how he pivoted to his successful startup, TINT.  Also, hear about how Tim's mom reacted when he told her about pursuing entrepreneurship instead of a traditional corporate career! Listen now to discover Tim's secret sauce!