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What's your Secret Sauce?

Fish Sauce is a mission-driven podcast focused on sharing the stories of successful Asian-American founders, operators, and investors. 

Our guests have taken leaps of faith from traditional career paths, run businesses from their cell phones, freaked out their parents. and most importantly, learned a lot.

By sharing their Secret Sauce, we hope to help you find yours.

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Our Story

After graduating USC, Elton and Wilson both moved to New York.  Elton worked in finance, Wilson in investment banking. 

During late-night conversations through the pressure wall splitting their dining room into two bedrooms, each roommate contemplated leaving the career path in front of them. 

When looking for information on making that move, Elton and Wilson found a lack of experience-focused resources. 

So they started the Fish Sauce podcast. 


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"The World's Greatest Hype Man with Justin Kan"

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