Ep 15: Culinary Entrepreneurship with Brandon Jew, Exec. Chef of Michelin Star-rated Mister Jiu's


Get hungry! 😋 We're super stoked to be kicking off Season 2 of Fish Sauce with Brandon Jew, Chef and Founder 👨‍🍳 of SF Michelin 🌟 restaurant, Mister Jiu's.

Join us to learn more about Brandon's ascent from a childhood spent in SF Chinatown markets to tours of culinary duty in renowned kitchens throughout Italy, China, and the States. Never before has our guest's "Secret Sauce" been so literal!

About the Guest


Brandon Jew is the Executive Chef and Founder of Mister Jiu’s, a Michelin-rated restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

A second-generation Chinese-American and native San Franciscan, Brandon started working in kitchens while studying Biology in college. After graduation, Brandon skipped the Soy Sauce for an apprenticeship in the kitchens of Emilia-Romagna, an Italian region famous for its culinary history.

After years honing his craft in California’s finest kitchens and a second apprenticeship in Beijing, Brandon set out to create a restaurant authentic to him.

Since April 2016, Mr. Jiu’s has been defying diners’ expectations of Chinese-American cuisine while revitalizing one of Chinatown's cultural institutions.

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Mister Jiu's

28 Waverly Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108

The Connection

Our good buddy Brian Ko is an investor in Mister Jiu’s.  After hearing about the Fish Sauce mission, Brian encouraged us to share Brandon's story through our platform, and put us in touch.

In addition to working with Wilson at Square,  Brian is a long-time friend of Wilson’s brother.

Brian’s definitely eating (Kyi) Family Style!