Ep 25: Headfirst into Shortcomings with Eric Feng, Partner at KPCB & Co-Founder/CEO of Packagd

We jam with Eric Feng, Partner at Kleiner Perkins (KPCB) and Co-founder/CEO of Packagd. Unlike previous guests, Eric plays dual roles as both an operator and investor. ๐Ÿ“ˆHe is the co-founder of Packagd, a startup improving the mobile shopping experience, and is also a full-time partner at Kleiner Perkins. Eric's career is no short of amazing operational feats - he was also previously CTO at Flipboard, the Founding CTO and Head of Product at Hulu, and founder of a few others startups. In this episode, you will hear about Ericโ€™s exciting journey navigating the world of startups and investing!