Ep 19: Tech-Enabling the Family Business with James Joun, Co-founder & COO of Rinse

Today we're releasing featuring James Joun - Co-Founder and COO at Rinse 👔, previous Investor @Essex Woodlands, product @Genentech, and HBS MBA/Dartmouth BA grad. Growing up, James gained unprecedented industry expertise having worked in his parent’s Laundry store for over 25 years. After a career in consulting, going to business school, and finally investing/building healthcare companies, Joun realized he wanted to pursue his passion of helping his parent’s and other laundry stores be connected through technology to grow their business. Without a doubt, James’s story epitomizes the Fish Sauce Family value of "Love the Things You Make" ❤️, having moved from a steady career in finance to doing what he loves everyday. We're really pumped to share all that we've learned from James with our listeners - stay tuned for the episode next Monday!