Summer Post: Fish Sauce Live + Swag Store


Hello again 👋 Fish Sauce Family!

This summer was jam packed! We were super excited to launch our summer series featuring Female Founders and ended the summer with a momentous week, lots to celebrate!

We are extremely grateful for the continuous support from the Fish Sauce Family and excited to post again about what has been happening with us!

On 23 August we hosted our first Fish Sauce Live event in San Francisco. The event ended up selling out, with over 80 people in attendance! We were honored and shocked by the turnout, which surpassed any of our wildest expectations.

When we first thought of doing a live event, we never imagined it would be this successful. We’ve been searching for alternative environments and platforms through which we can connect with our Fish Sauce Family, and our thinking was that a live show would be a great way to skip the soy sauce and try something unconventional.

In brainstorming speakers, we wanted to showcase diverse types of founders and entrepreneurs. By inviting The Boba Guys (Andrew Chau and Bin Chen) and Atrium Legal Service co-founder Bebe Chueh, we were able to share stories from both food/beverage and legal tech; two very different industries!

Big thanks to NAAAP SF Bay Area for partnering with us on the event and full appreciation to the WeWork Embarcadero Center team for hosting us and helping us on execute our first live show

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the first Fish Sauce Live event. 
Video of the live show is coming soon!


Fish Sauce Live was only one highlight of a very busy week, as it coincided with the launch of the Fish Sauce Swag Store!

Featuring t-shirts, stickers, and (in the very near future) sweaters, the Swag Store is where members of the Fish Sauce Family who want to spread and rep the brand can snag some gear.

When we first started Fish Sauce, we set out to create more than a podcast. We also wanted to create a brand that resonates with people, one they can be proud of wearing. When brainstorming and creating and our logo, our top priority was to create a simple icon that our Fish Sauce Family would enjoy and connect with!

With an established logo, we shifted our Swag Store priority to choosing the highest quality shirt and fit. That way those who want to support Fish Sauce can do so in style and with comfort!

If you haven’t seen the swag yet, check out — don’t forget to purchase a shirt!


While we will forever remember launching our Swag Store and putting on our first Fish Sauce Live event, there’s a good chance our week’s biggest highlight was meeting with Philip Wang from WongFu Productions!

Having grown up watching Phillip’s videos on Youtube and dreaming about one day meeting him, we had to seriously control our inner fanboys as we learned more about his Secret Sauce.

Stay tuned for Phillip’s episode during Season 2!


This past week was filled with many momentous milestones, and we thought it necessary for us to share our journey with you, our Fish Sauce Family.

Thank you again for all the gratitude, love, and support! 
Look out for Season 2 this upcoming Fall!
Until next time!

Elton & Wilson