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Calvin Chu

Calvin is a Chicagoan, born and raised, but is currently working to democratize the investment in startups to everyone across the world through equity crowdfunding. Calvin is currently a junior at University of Chicago.

His secret sauce is a heavy serving unbearably bad dad jokes and puns.


Kree Zhang

Kree was born in Shanghai and later moved to New York. Now she lives in Berkeley, currently developing her foodie app and pursuing her interests in entrepreneurship and journalism. Kree is currently a Freshman at UC Berkeley.

Her secret sauce is sweet and sour, sweet because of her optimism and sour because of her (endearing) sarcasm.

People who do well academically are afraid of failing...take risks! If you want to achieve greatness, you will have to swing for the fences a few times
— Gokul Rajaram, Product Engineering Lead @Square