Please Welcome the Newest Member of the Team!

Hello Again Fish Sauce Family!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the addition of Patricia Mou to the Fish Sauce team!


As our new Marketing Intern, Patricia will lead our social media outreach and assist Fish Sauce’s growth marketing and analytics initiatives.

Our first interaction with Patricia came via Instagram during Season One, when she reached out with suggestions for speakers and actionable feedback for the podcast.

Later that summer, we bumped into Patricia in person at Rooster and Rice in SOMA and shared our vision for the summer Female Founders Series. On the spot, she gave us a list of awesome female leaders whose stories would inspire others.

Patricia brings a wealth of experience in consulting and consumer product analytics to the team, and we cannot wait for Patricia to leverage the lessons she’s learned at an on-demand logistics startup to continue to grow and improve Fish Sauce.

Patricia is the daughter of Korean and Chinese immigrants who came to the States to pursue higher education in New York. At the age of seven, Patricia moved to California’s Bay Area, where she spent the rest of her childhood.

Long interested in Asian-American representation in media, Patricia interned at Audrey and Hyphen, two Asian American-centric magazines, in high school. 

Patricia has found inspiration through many of the same role models as we have during her time at college and in her professional career; folks like:

Eddie Huang, Wong Fu Productions, Connie Chan (a16z), Julie Zhou (Facebook), Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), and Susan Su (500 Startups).

We were ecstatic to interview Phillip Wang of WongFu Productions for Season Two, and we hope to land more of these shared role models as we continue along our Fish Sauce journey!

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We believe it is imperative that we thoughtfully dedicate our time to everyone we bring on, and our primary goals with the addition of Patricia are:

  1. Growing our listener base.
  2. Increasing listener engagement.
  3. Making sure Patricia gains valuable exposure and worthwhile experiences.

In the 10 months since launch, many of our listeners and friends have offered to help Fish Sauce in a variety of ways. We are deeply appreciative of these offers, and consider them to be a validation of the need and impact of our mission.

We also consider hiring to be one of the most challenging aspects in growing a startup, and have been hesitant in bringing people on as we want to make sure any additions to the team are set up for success with clearly defined projects. 

We believe that a new team member can be either a multiplier or divider, and are highly optimistic that Patricia will prove to be the former as we embark on the next chapter of our Fish Sauce journey.

We define ourselves by our mission; inspiring others to discover their Secret Sauce and take a leap of faith from traditional career paths by sharing the stories of successful Asian-American entrepreneurs, investors and operators. 

Patricia’s commitment to that mission and desire to make an positive impact on our listener growth and engagement make her an ideal addition to the Fish Sauce team.

Please join us in welcoming Patricia as our newest member of Fish Sauce!

We greatly appreciate all of your ideas and feedback, and encourage you to reach out to us on social media or at

Look out for Season 2 starting Monday, November 6.
Until next time!

What’s Your Secret Sauce?
Elton, Wilson & Team